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Predica AI Auto ML Platform

Predica Auto ML Platform focuses on putting Enterprise AI projects into production successfully in a continuous manner by using a scalable infrastructure build on cutting-edge Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) tools & techniques with its unique architecture. Here are some highlights of the building blocks of the platform which solves the main obstacle to success, the scalability problem:


Feature Store

Features are the main ingredients of Machine Learning models. The platform paves the feature engineering process with its underlying feature store component, which provides parity between training and inference data systems.

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ModelOps (Operationalization of ML models)

One of the main objectives of the platform is managing the life cycle and governance of machine learning/decision models with ModelOps tools which brings reproducibility, visibility, and control. Moreover, models’ interpretability, observability, and monitoring are all provided and managed smoothly.


Complex Machine Learning Pipelines and End-to-end Auto ML

The platform goes beyond the classical auto ml approaches by providing a mechanism to specify domain-specific ML blocks and pipelines that can be optimized on pipeline level that finds the best models efficiently.